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Anni Adkins

About Us

Anni Adkins’ paints light and form. Intense pure light striking, reflecting and swirling around sensual flowers, rounded adobe buildings, and sculpted canyon walls. These paintings reflect the artist’s almost spiritual connection with nature and her unique vision of the Southwest.

The use of such strong light and the noticeable absence of line make her subjects remarkably sculptural -- seeming to project from the canvas’s two-dimensional plane. The artist often embraces both abstraction and realism simultaneously, choosing to see her subjects up close and out of context, selecting shapes, forms and hues to create compositions that illustrate the spectacular abstractions she sees in nature. 

Anni Adkins received formal art training at L'Ecole De Beaux Arts in France and is a modern master whose fine contemporary oil paintings have for three decades appealed to collectors around the world.

The artist recent works are collection of mixed media painting based on the Carnival of Venice. She has series of works that has been in process for years named "Women's Work." A great deal of things that women have been created by women for centuries for the home. Adkins strongly believes that much of those works rise to the level of art. She strives to illustrate that in this series by using women's typical materials and methods including, weaving, sewing, and quilting. Bring her work full circle she is now applying her work to products.

Anni Adkins Biography

Anni Adkins
Phone: 520-280-6659
Email: Anni@AnniAdkins.com
Web: http://AnniAdkins.com
Joe Hoover Logo

Antelope Canyon Magic by Joe Hoover

About Us

Photographer Joe Hoover is an artist and storyteller who focuses his lens on people, animals and landscapes. Hoover records with his photographs a slice of his world, capturing moments in time, sharing his visions and experiences. He employs a mathematical sense of lighting to capture breathtaking landscapes, canyons and caves. His unique composition and documentary style reflect the combat cameraman’s training to, “tell the story.”

The beautiful, the bizarre and the extraordinary become captivating black-and-white, hand painted, and color photographs. Viewers are sometimes awestruck, on occasion mystified, and often provoked to laughter.

For Sale by Joe Hoover
Joe Hoover started his career as a combat documentary cameraman filming the US Air Force in action in Viet Nam and the South Pacific. He is a Cannes Film Festival “Best Documentary” Award nominee, and winner of numerous photography and film awards.
Cloud Mountain by Joe Hoover
Today, Hoover is living in Ashville, North Carolina, making photographs in his studio and developing new digital images.

Joe Hoover Biography

Phone: 928-451-0223
Email: Joe@JoeHoover.com
Web: http://JoeHoover.com

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