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Anni Adkins

 "I create art with emotional and spiritual meaning by painting the things that most connect me to the world. My subject matter, primarily the earth and man's mark upon it, are my way of sharing the incredible beauty of our planet and how we relate to it. My work is rooted in myth and symbolism to touch each viewer individually. Many times I paint purely on an intuitive level, without the forethought of telling a story. It is always much later, after living with the work, that the meanings become clear. The creative development for my paintings seems to stem from experiences I am having at the time. I try not to over-analyze my work, rather I desire that each viewer receive from the work what they will. I present what stirs me most: my vision of the world."  -Anni Adkins

Anni Adkins received formal art training at L'Ecole De Beaux Arts in France. She has been painting for 50 years. Her paintings reflect a vast diversity of styles, from photorealism to the abstraction.

Her collection of "Photorealism" paintings began as "staged" snapshots - photographs of people caught in telling moments. Each photograph was re-composed, tinted, and rearranged to become the final subject of a painting. Viewers are often unable to distinguish between the original painted photograph and a photograph of the finished painting.

Anni Adkins and her partner Joe Hoover held a collaborative painting and photographic exhibition entitled "The Photographer, The Painter, The Romance."

Anni Adkins' created a series of paintings, entitled "Sacred Earth," harmonizes her realistic and abstract styles. She searched for subject matter that contained the sensual forms of her abstract paintings. She found what she was looking for in the great American Southwest: the powerful light highlighting the subjects of her photorealism, combined with the sun's magic beams playing on vast swirls and spirals and canyons of mauve, ochre and red rock. Here, the artist has captured the pure, overwhelming beauty of our beloved earth. The result of her original inspiration is a collection of large scale contemporary landscapes. The artist's use of awe-inspiring color and stunning. viewers are often convinced the light actually emanates from the paintings!

Anni Adkins and Joe Hoover founded the Adkins Hoover Gallery, of Dallas, Texas and AHHA Art Gallery in Sedona Arizona, a fine art gallery featuring their painting and photographs.

Anni Adkins resides on the beautiful Asheville North Carolina.


Anni Adkins painting in a barn in New York

Hanging out painting in the barn in New York.

Anni Adkins with Maurice on the road by Georgia O'Keeffe's House

Walking with Maurice down the road by Georgia O'Keeffe's house.
His Aunt was her maid and his uncle her gardner. He had great stories to tell.


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