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I have always had a passion for flowers. I loved their sensual petal and amazing variety of stunning colors. I like to paint them up close where you can really study and admire them.

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Peach Rose
Peach Rose by Anni Adkins


Echinacia by Anni Adkins

The Rose

The Rose by Anni Adkins

Two Jacks

Two Jacks by Anni Adkins

Calla Lily

Calla Lily by Anni Adkins


Orchid by Anni Adkins

Angel Flower

Angel Flower by Anni Adkins

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose by Anni Adkins

White Iris

Georgia's Calla Lilies

Georgia's Sweet Peas

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paratise by Anni Adkins

Passion Flower

Goldie's Iris

Goldies Iris by Anni Adkins

Desert Poppy

Desert Poppy by Anni Adkins

Georgia's Double Poppys

Georgia's Poppy

Bruised Hibiscus


Yellow Pansy

White Orchid

White Orchid on Gold


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